Radio: sixth appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show


My latest appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show was somewhat bittersweet, as with the end of the Review Show just a few weeks away (it is being dropped as part of a major reshuffle of the evening schedules) it meant that this would be my last proper appearance as a panelist on the show. The good news was that it was a great show – I finally managed to get Black Moth played on the show (the third time trying – both ‘Tumbleweave’ and ‘Room 13′ not making it past the BBC clearance department) with the previously-unreleased ‘Slumber With The Worm’. Vic Mensa, the other guest on the show, was on top form the whole time, and was one of the few guests I’ve been paired with who was also willing to put the boot in to bad music.

I’m going to be sad when the Radio 1 Review Show ends – going on the radio was a real pleasure, and by far one of the best side-perks of working on Thrash Hits. I think Thrash Hits has come out of all our shows looking good – I’m fairly sure that with a grand total of seven appearances between myself and Raz, it makes Thrash Hits the most prolific guests on the show’s entire run. That we kept getting asked back I think just shows what a unique and interesting voice our site has developed over time.

Radio: fifth appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show

BBC Radio 1 Review Show - 01 April 2014 (with Foxes)

This appearance on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show was a bit of a scramble – my initial song choice, ‘Tumbleweave’ by Black Moth was vetoed at the last minute because of a reference in the song, so we had to scramble around to get a high-quality version of ‘Say You Will’ by Shrine (whose EP we were exclusively streaming on Thrash Hits at the time) for the show. My fellow guest on the show was Grammy Award-winning singer Foxes, who brought in a pretty neat Banks track.

Thrash Hits on the BBC Radio 1 Review Show (Hugh Platt & Foxes) - 01 April 2014 by Thrash Hits on Mixcloud